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HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

Keeping a close eye out on your water intake.

We all know how important is it to keep our body well hydrated, but it’s not easy to keep track of how much water we’re drinking each day. Science seems to suggests that drinking about half a gallon a day is the perfect amount of water, which is about eight cups of 8 ounce glasses. Easier said than done, however as it’s not always the easiest to precisely measure how many of those eight cups you are drinking everyday.

No need to worry about counting your cups of water, thanks to the HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle. The water bottle connects to your phone and keeps track of your water intake, while the app can set customized water intake goals and also send you reminders to drink water if it senses that you haven’t been on track. To make it even more obvious, the bottle itself will glow to remind you that it’s time to drink water.