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Greyp G12H E-Bike

A commuter e-bike that doesn’t skimp on range or style.

Electric bikes have emerged as a great way to navigate through the busy rush hour commute. Since most are built to be effective commuters around town, they are often designed to look docile and uninspiring, but just because your e-bike won’t let you carve corners like a sports bike doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look aggressive.

Unveiled at the INTERMOT Cologne in Germany, Greyp introduces the G12H E-Bike, an electric bike that has the looks of an aggressive motocross bike with a range of 149 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. To activate the bike, it uses a sophisticated biometric sensor for added security. It’s aggressive style is no accident either, as it’s derived from Greyp’s performance oriented G12S that can reach up to 43 mph. Obviously you won’t win any races or carve corners with the G12H, but it definitely has a whiff of aggression in its design to appeal to your inner rebel.