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Gold: The Impossible Collection

‘Gold: The Impossible Collection’

A showcase of the rarest and most precious gold treasures.

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$ 995

Luxury coffee-table book publisher Assouline is out with the latest volume from their Impossible Collection and it brings all the elegance and sophistication we’ve come to expect. This time art historian Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter has curated a cultural collection around the world’s most renowned precious metal – Gold. “Since the dawn of time, this precious metal has generated countless fantasies and beliefs… Gold: The Impossible Collection showcases 100 of the rarest and most precious treasures marrying natural splendor and human craftsmanship, from amazingly detailed artifacts of ancient global civilizations to surprising modern creations,” according to Assouline.

Accompanying text by Geoffroy-Schneiter narrates a historical and cultural journey from the Egyptian belief that gold was “the flesh of the gods,” to Louis XIV, the Sun King, transforming the Versailles palace with gold and light, setting a standard for all the other royal courts of old Europe. This is not Geoffroy-Schneiter’s first project with Assouline. They published her volumes Ethnic Style (2001), the two-volume Primal Arts (2006), “The Panther in Art,” for Cartier: Panthère (2015), and Les Mondes de Chaumet (2018).

Like all of the Ultimate and Impossible Collection publications, this volume is hand bound and elegantly presented in linen cases on art-quality paper, displaying the luxurious sophistication we have come to expect from Assouline. It is available direct from the publisher for $995.

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