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Gypset Trilogy by Julia Chaplin

Assouline Presents The ‘Gypset Trilogy’ By Julia Chaplin

Fusing the carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet setter.

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Blending the lifestyle of a gypsy with the trendsetting sophistication of a jet-setter, author Julia Chaplin has created the phrase “gypset” to describe a truly unique, exciting, and artful lifestyle. Bouncing around through all corners of the globe, including Ibiza, Kenya, and Uruguay, Chaplin takes a first-hand view of the gypset lifestyle in three entertaining books. The Gypset Trilogy by Julia Chaplin includes Gypset Style, Gypset Travel, and Gypset Living in one beautifully crafted set published by Assouline, a cultural authority on luxury lifestyle with its wide-ranging books on design, architecture, jewelry, travel, and food and drink, to name just a few.

Starting with Gypset Style, Chaplin visits the unconventional lives of cultural nomads as they explore the various enclaves worldwide. This first book in the Gypset Trilogy examines the lifestyle that centers on a low-fuss life with a high level of taste and refinement. Not only does this book examine current gypset practices, but looks back at historic social movements and changes that influenced the gypset culture today. The follow-up book, Gypset Travel, further examines the various preferred travel destinations popular among the gypset group. With full-color photos, readers can explore the high-sophistication of the Aeolian Islands, India, and Uruguay. This book focuses on the carefree Bohemian lifestyle lived by designers, artists, and bon vivants.

Lastly, Chaplin explores the homes and living spaces of the gypset. Gypset Living focuses on intimate spaces designed to be a virtual utopia of design and artistry. Sharing her first-hand experience and personal, often humorous stories shared with gypset people, Chaplin brings a fun, colorful, and exciting book to complete the three-book set. The three-book Gypset Trilogy by Julia Chaplin is currently available online and sells for $195.

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