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‘Smiley: 50 Years of Good News’ by Franklin Loufrani, Nicolas Loufrani & Liam Aldous

Presenting Assouline’s ‘Smiley: 50 Years of Good News’

“Use your smile to change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”

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There are coffee table books, and then there are Coffee Table Books. Smiley: 50 Years of Good News by Franklin Loufrani, Nicolas Loufrani, and Liam Aldous will give you… well, reason to smile. The book published by Assouline contains more drops of Smiley goodness. It is the hallmark of the iconic France Soir newspaper feature, known for its uplifting news stories and ability to make any day a little lighter and brighter. In a world where that is sorely needed, nothing could be a better or more thoughtful way to surprise someone.

The compilation contains some of the best Smiley features in publication. This colorful and inspiring book is filled with 200 pages of feel-good missives, plus more than 200 beautiful illustrations that may well set the tone for the day. The hardcover book bearing the signature smiley face is enough to make anyone feel a little sunnier on a cloudy day, but inside is everything even the grumpiest folks out there could possibly need to see the light. Positivity breeds more positivity, after all, and it’s a sentiment taken seriously by Loufrani, Loufrani, and Aldous. Whether as a gift or to add a bit of levity to a colorless room, this colorful book—both inside and out—has “game-changer” written all over it.

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