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Gearaid ARC LED Light

A dependable light and power source, this LED light is a must have when heading outdoors.

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Have you ever barbecued meat at a dark campsite without a light source, only to test out the doneness of your meat with your tongue and hoped for the best as you swallowed the questionably prepared meat? Thankfully, there are flashlights built into most smartphones these days, so the chance of something like this happening has been greatly reduced, but using your phone’s battery to illuminate your food, especially in the middle of nowhere, can be a huge waste of precious energy.

Made for the backyard, lake, or any outdoor situation for that matter, the Gearaid ARC LED Light is built with 60 LEDs that can illuminate between 20 to 320 lumens for eight to 96 hours of operation. The fully adjustable light can be set to three different color temperatures and has ten brightness settings as well. With a 10,400 mAh battery that can also charge your devices via its built-in USB port, this is the perfect companion for any outdoor excision or a nice evening out in the back yard roasting marshmallows.