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Tough enough for urban warfare, this pack merges military grade performance with style.

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Like most great ideas, the GORUCK GR1 was conceived as a sketch on a piece of napkin with the simple goal of combining the best features of assault packs used by Special Forces with the style that’s appropriate for the urban jungle. Proudly overbuilt in America, it’s a pack thats tough enough for the urban warfare while looking seriously cool.

The GORUCK GR1 is built from Special Forces grade materials, with proven track record of thriving in war. To protect your gear, the laptop compartment is nearly bombproof so you don’t have to worry about the well-being of your $2,000 investment. It even has a false bottom that will keep your laptop shock-free. There’s a hydration port under the handle of the ruck for your hydration bladder tube, and numerous pockets for your larger and smaller items. To top it all off, the bag has been tested by military-grade submersion tests to assure that it’s rainproof, keeping your contents dry at all times.