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The Tetris Effect

The Tetris Effect by Dan Ackerman

Are you a fan of Tetris? Then you can’t afford not to read this book.

Tetris is an iconic video game that has enjoyed worldwide popularity over years, with the simple yet addictively fun game standing the test of time. Possibly the most popular video game of all time, we’d be hard pressed to find anyone that’s not intimately familiar with the game of Tetris, whether they are a gamer or not. Its simple graphics and easy to understand gameplay has made it an all-time favorite among generations of people, young and old alike.

Written by Dan Ackerman, a tech reporter for CNET, The Tetris Effect takes a closer look at the game, it’s global success, and the inspiration behind the game. It traces how a young Russian programmer using frail, antiquated equipment created the most iconic video game of all time. It’s filled stories that will surprise, including the race between American, British, and Japanese moguls to secure rights to the game, and the game’s unlikely but complex path to success. A perfect read for anyone who’s a fan of Tetris, which should pretty much be everyone, this is the perfect homage to the game and its creator.