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Gantri Analog Task Light

Meet The Gantri Analog Task Light: A Playful And Sustainable Desk Companion

A vibrant and unconventional addition to your workspace.

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$ 248

The Gantri Analog Task Light is a burst of joyful design that transforms your workspace into a vibrant, creative haven. This unconventional task light stands 16 inches tall and boasts dimensions of 4 inches in width and 8 inches in depth, making it a striking addition to any desk.

One of the standout features of the Analog Task Light is its museum-grade dimmable LED, providing you with precisely the right amount of illumination to suit your work needs. But what truly sets this task light apart is its construction. It’s not just any ordinary lamp – it’s made from plants. In a world where sustainability matters, the Analog Task Light takes a step in the right direction by utilizing plant-based materials and 3D printing on-demand to minimize waste.

The inspiration behind this unique creation? A messy desk, post-it notes, and a creative vision. Chris Granneberg, the mind behind the Analog Collection, sought to craft a task light that brings joy to the workspace. Drawing from the playful spirit of LEGOs and geometric shapes, he stacked 10cm cubes to create this delightful, colorful light that defies convention.

Available in three captivating colorways – Persimmon, Carbon, and Stone – the Gantri Analog Task Light is designed to be a focal point, even on the most cluttered desks. Priced at $248, it’s an investment in both form and function, promising premium quality that lasts a lifetime. Say goodbye to dull workspaces and embrace the joy of design with the Gantri Analog Task Light.

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