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Fluidstance Slope+

The Fluidstance Slope+ Is a Desktop Dry-Erase Board

Say goodbye to sticky notes.

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$ 89

While little colorful notes are great for capturing to-dos as well as mid-meeting scribbles and scrawlings, prolific note-takers know it’s easy for the little buggers to overrun a desk. Sadly, they also significantly impact the environment: over 50 billion stickies are created yearly.

Enter the Fluidstance Slope+, which aims to solve both problems by bringing the conference room whiteboard to home office desktops. Its gentle writing angle makes the Slope+ an ideal meeting companion for capturing quick jots or pertinent follow-ups. The included marker lives in a channel near the back of the Slope+ when not in use.

At the end of the workday, users can just slide their keyboard into the cozy cubby space beneath the Slope+ for storage until it’s time to get back after it. Cleaning works just like it did back in the office: a soft, damp cloth with a touch of soap (or Fluidstance’s plant-derived all-purpose cleaner) is all it takes to get rid of stubborn text and doodles.

The Slope’s Qi-compatible wireless phone charger doubles as a stand for smartphone-based Zoom calls and helps eliminate a couple of cords from cluttered desktop setups. The Slope’s powder-coated surface covers a 100% steel frame that measures 20” x 8” x 3.5”. The whole thing only weighs about three pounds but felt bumpers along the bottom help keep desktop scratches to a minimum. $89 puts one on your desk with a lifetime warranty.

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