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Finalmouse Centerpiece: A Keyboard That Boasts An Animated Display

The keyboard features a screen underneath the keys that can show videos or respond to key presses.

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$ 349

Finalmouse has recently announced its new gaming keyboard called the Centerpiece, which features a screen underneath the keys capable of beaming interactive videos and images or responding to key presses. According to a teaser recently shared on YouTube, Finalmouse has devoted several years to developing a custom display it calls a “Laminated Displaycircuit Glass Stack (LDGS).” Finalmouse partnered up with key switch maker Gateron to design the keycaps and that the typing experience should sound something akin to “soft marble raindrops”.

Known primarily among gamers for its collection of mice featuring ultralight designs through the use of perforated housings made from magnesium, Centerpiece is Finalmouse’s first gaming custom keyboard. The keyboard’s screen displays interactive animated visualizations. According to Finalmouse, the keyboard can store three skins at one time and doesn’t require a program running on your PC to work. Equally important, the skins are powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), thanks to the keyboard’s onboard CPU and GPU. Additionally, it’s a 65 percent layout, so you get arrow keys but no F-row.

In an effort to fully support the built-in display, Finalmouse has created a whole marketplace app, where users can download interactive skins. That site is known as the Finalmouse Steam app. Additionally, it is also allowing artists to submit their own skins, with the choice of monetizing them or providing them for free. The Finalmouse Centerpiece is set to launch in early 2023 at a cost of $349.

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