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Evolve Hadean Carbon All Terrain Skateboard

Riding Uphill Just Got Easier With The Dual-Motor Evolve Hadean Carbon All-Terrain Skateboard

A skateboard for going up hills.

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$ 2,899

Evolve Skateboards has released its latest and greatest electric skateboard, named after the geological period in Earth’s evolution. It is called the Hadean Carbon, designed to be an electric-powered all-terrain skateboard. According to Evolve, the Hadean Carbon is the world’s first skateboard to use a chassis. This advanced skateboard took inspiration from electric supercars distributing its battery weight at its lowest center on the carbon fiber frame. In addition, the Evolve Hadean Carbon features a unique ventilation system to cool its internal electronics.

Powering the Evolve Hadean Carbon is a pair of 3,000w electric motors. These motors provide the Hadean Carbon with enough juice to reach a top speed of 26 mph for a maximum range of 25 mph and carry a 220-pound rider up San Francisco-style steep inclines. The board’s deck features a wide-foot landing to accommodate shoes of all sizes. Rides can choose from four different power settings using the Hadean Carbon’s Phaze remote control. The Phaze controller is built with an aluminum frame that uses a dual trigger control that allows riders to brake and accelerate while riding. This all-terrain e-skateboard is the go-anywhere transport of longboard enthusiasts looking for something more capable. A manual skateboard will never need to recharge, but an Evolve Hadean Carbon can take you uphill.

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Evolve Hadean Carbon All Terrain Skateboard

Evolve Hadean Carbon All Terrain Skateboard

$ 2,899
  • Battery Range: 25 miles
  • Max Power: 6,000W
  • Max Payload: 220 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 26 mph