BMW And Tyde Unveil A Zero-Emission Yacht Dubbed The Icon At Cannes Film Festival - IMBOLDN
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BMW and TYDE Unveil Fully Electric Watercraft THE ICON

BMW And Tyde Unveil A Zero-Emission Yacht Dubbed The Icon At Cannes Film Festival

Sail the seas in silence with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

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BMW and boat maker Tyde unveiled a collaborative zero-emission yacht at the 76th annual Cannes film festival. This new 43-foot yacht is dubbed The Icon and it offers premium luxury with state-of-the-art environmental technology.

The concept renderings of the BMW Tyde Icon were penned by German marque’s Designworks studio and show a flat hull vessel that looks like a floating glass house. LED lights run across the bow and stern of the ship, and its glass panels ensure the ocean view is never obstructed.

Powering the vessel is an electric propulsion system using high-voltage batteries supplied by BMW. The powertrain consists of two 100-kW electric motors and six batteries adapted from the BMW i3 generating 240 kWh. The results of this power source translate into 50 nautical miles of range at cruising speeds up to 30 knots in smooth silence. Using foiling technology to traverse the sea at speed without leaving a wake.

Luxury amenities include an entertainment area with a lounge-like entrance. This space is designed with a kaleidoscopic carpet using metal sheeting to reflect sunlight like waves on the sea. The BMW Tyde Icon also features 360-degree sport rotating seats and a tablet-based infotainment system.

BMW’s iDrive operating system is displayed on a 32-inch 6K touchscreen featuring voice commands. In addition to having a premium Dolby Atmos system to enjoy the soundscape developed by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, who also did the function tones on the yacht.

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