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Edge Dominos

Edge Dominos

Minimalist take a on a classic game, crafted from aluminum.

The smartphone epidemic spreads without any signs of slowing down, with most of our social interactions happening on the phone or taking our attention away from the person sitting in front of you. What happened to the conversations and the person to person interactions that was the cornerstone of interpersonal relationships? It’s time to put our phones away and do something more interactive with the person that you’re sharing your time with, and what better way than to play a bit of dominos?

The Edge Dominos is a minimal take on the classic game. Made from solid aluminum, the pieces are made up of only the frames and dots that recreate the traditional number pattern. This minimalist approach means that the set is light weight and compact, perfect for travel. The metal finish and laser engraved number pattern is durable, making this a set that can be enjoyed for generations.

So why not take your eyes off of your phone and actually hold a meaningful conversation while playing a timelessly classic game with the Edge Dominos.