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Donda Stem Player

Kanye West Announces Upcoming Release Of Donda Stem Player

West’s Stem Player device will have the entirety of his album Donda onboard when shipped to buyers.

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$ 200

The Donda Stem Player by Kanye West is an innovative new music device that enables users to “customize any song.” According to the device’s website, the Donda stem player allows listeners to control vocals, drums, bass, and samples as well as “isolate parts, add effects and split any song into stems (hence the device’s name). Boasting lossless audio mixing, looping and speed control, and the ability to save and share customized mixes, the player will ship with the release of the new album. While the device comes with a built-in 97DB speaker, the player can also connect to speakers through Bluetooth and its 3.5MM audio jack. The Donda Stem Player is set to release this summer, but no specific date has been set as yet.

The device was designed and then developed by West’s Yeezy Tech brand, in conjunction with the electronics company Kano. The Donda Stem Player looks like a tan puck, featuring a “soft silicone blended skin.” Another cool feature is the light bars, complete with “touch-sensitive light sliders,” which is presumably how users are able to control the device and subsequently customize songs. Users who have tested out the device claim that even individuals who are unfamiliar with music production and/or manipulation, can easily personalize their music experience and learn how to create a customized sound. Therefore, even individuals who are new to audio mixing should appreciate this product.

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