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CW&T Herring Blade

The CW&T Herring Is The Perfect Low-Profile Blade For Everyday Use

The CW&T Herring Blade comes in versions made for right and left-handed users so it’s ergonomic design optimizes its functionality.

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$ 65+

How many times in an average day could you have used a nice, sharp, simple blade? Slicing open packages, squaring off a piece of paper to exact dimensions, cutting a piece of string to length: the foundation of practical, prepper-style everyday carry is a keen cutting tool. Maybe, though, you don’t want to lug around a hefty knife or a semi-dorky pair of scissors. Well, allow us to introduce you to the CW&T Herring Blade. The knife is as low-profile as a well-designed utility knife can be.

A product of the ingenuity of the CW&T Lab — run by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy — the Herring Blade combines maximum slimness with maximum functionality. Whipping out one of the included 10 custom 18mm blades, securing it, and nesting it back in require no more than the flick of your thumb. The one-handed operation is a major bonus. You can also slot in other, standard 18mm blades besides the Herring’s custom set. Another thoughtful design feature is the ergonomic design that comes in both right and left-handed versions, boosting safety and efficiency all-around.