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Colibri M22

Foldable Colibri M22 e-Bike Carries Enough Batteries To Provide 120 Miles Of Range

An off-road capable urban e-Bike that can fit inside an elevator.

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$ 2,799+

Colibri’s new foldable electric bike provides urban riders with a street-legal means of transportation capable of fitting inside elevators or metro trains. Moreover, it can be charged using a standard wall socket and provides up to 120 miles of range thanks to its multiple swappable batteries. This new compact e-bike is called the Colibri M22.

The foldable e-bike features a chromoly steel cradle frame with a 45mm inverted fork and rear mono-shock. The folding mechanism is a swing-arm pivot where the subframe meets the chassis. It allows the rear wheel to fold up and reduce the M22’s size to 35.4″ x 51.1″ inches. Moreover, the battery does not need to be removed to fold the Colibri M22.

The M22 holds up to three 40-mile range batteries for a total of 120 miles. These batteries power the bike’s rear hub 3kW motor producing four continuous horsepower and up to 21 hp in short power bursts. However, its torque figures are more impressive, with Colibri claiming the M22’s motor produces a peak output of 137 lb.-ft. In addition, the e-bike comes with three ride modes Eco, Dynamic, and Off-Road, which change the top speed from 20, 28, and 60 mph.

The Colibri M22  is street-legal in the United States and Europe. Standard features include stacked LED headlights, spoked aluminum wheels, rearview mirrors, indicators, reflectors, a license plate holder, a horn, and a digital display. Riding can enjoy the ride sitting on the M22’s scrambler-styled saddle. Colibri has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the M22 on its website. However, the M22 is also available to pre-order at a special price.

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