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The CasusGrill is a fully bio-degradable and eco-friendly disposable grill that only weights 2.5 pounds and is ready to use in five minutes.

How would you like to walk out of a campout or picnic with less gear than you started with — and no guilt for anything you left behind? The new disposable CasusGrill is made of all-natural materials and is completely biodegradable. The size and shape of a small boardgame and weighing in at a hike-friendly 2.5 pounds, the CasusGrill travels along easily. It’s composed of sustainable FSC-certified cardboard with natural lava rock and bamboo heat rack. The grill fires up quickly and easily on bamboo charcoal briquettes as fuel. Start cooking in just five minutes and enjoy an even, high heat that’s the recipe for deliciously charbroiled outdoor meals.

Don’t worry about coming in contact with that intense heat. The Danish Design Award-winning grill is thermally insulated to keep the heat inside — and off of you. Go ahead. Hold the grill in your hands while barbecuing!

The CasusGrill uses 30 percent less charcoal than other disposable grills, and that means less CO2 emissions.

When you’re done with the CasusGrill, simply burn or discard it. There are no metal or plastic parts to take hundreds of years to degrade. Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of the CasusGrill is that you can feel as good about the state of your wallet as you can about the planet. It only costs a financially sustainable $8. Yes, it costs less than the hamburgers you cook on it. Smart for the planet. Smart for you.