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Inspired By Its Hyper Cars, Bugatti Unveils The Ceramique Edition One Smartwatch

The watches have GPS tracking, provide blood oxygen measurements, along with tracking for heart rate and heart rate variability, among numerous other features.

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$ 1,097+

Mirroring the unrivaled technology, artistry, and precision of the Bugatti hyper sports car, the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Smartwatch is bursting on the scene thanks to a Kickstarter project. The new Bugatti timepiece came about when Bugatti partnered with VIITA, a smartwatch manufacturer out of Australia. This partnership soon blossomed into a smartwatch, the first-ever for the Bugatti brand and one reminiscent of its magnificent hypercars. Within the collection, there are three interchangeable styles, each inspired by Bugatti’s cars. This means wearers can choose from the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo, the Le Noire, or the Pur Sport. Each one is named after the limited edition options of the Bugatti Chiron. Available for pre-order via Kickstarter, early backers can sign up for a package that includes the watch, some accessories, and two bezel styles.

The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Smartwatch features some interesting characteristics like 3D animation and the seamless integration of 1,000 individual parts. There has never been such a luxurious smartwatch, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail created by a team of renowned watch-makers that represent an example of engineering excellence that is reflected as a standard of quality and technical innovation of Bugatti. Each timepiece is graded at 100m waterproof, has two weeks battery, sapphire glass, ceramic housing and comes with a five-year warranty.

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