Bentley Blower

Bentley Blower

Bentley’s Mulliner division’s latest release is a limited production run of 12 cars identical to the original design of the Bentley Blower.

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Bentley’s Mulliner division has been able to recreate some of the company’s most historic cars in a series of limited production runs. Recently, the Mulliner Bentley Continental GT returned to the company’s earliest era to rave reviews. Mulliner’s latest feat is the production of a line of pre-WWII era race cars inspired by the 4 Bentley Blowers built by Sir Tim Birkin during the 1920s. The result is a stunning vehicle that’s designed to romantically encapsulate that era.
All 12 cars in the limited production run are equipped with a 4,398 cc supercharged engine. At 4,200 rpm, the engine turns out 240 hp. Each vehicle is identical to the original design of the Bentley Blower with the exception of small changes employed to meet modern safety standards. This gives a dozen lucky drivers a chance to truly connect to this bygone era.