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Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve Mirum Edition Proves Wallets Don’t Have To Be Leather

A super-minimalist wallet made from plant-based materials.

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Dating back to ancient Greece, wallets were small pouches made from horse leather, cow leather, lambskin, and other durable fabrics. It seems wallets have become synonymous with leather. The eco-minded designers at Bellroy think it’s time to bring the excessive and unnecessary use of leather to an end — starting with wallets.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve is an attractive, minimalist wallet made from a plant-based, plastic-free leather called Mirum. Mirum features 100 percent bio-content certified by the USDA’s biopreferred program. The goal of using a material like Mirum instead of leather is to drastically lessen the negative environmental and ethical consequences of leather production.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve puts Mirum to good use in this handy but not pocket-bulging wallet. It features a quick-access interior slot for the owner’s favorite cards with easy, pull-tab access to a larger card storage area. It can easily fit folded bills and up to seven cards without creating bulk.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve Mirum Edition provides an overall look and feel that is remarkably similar to leather with a cotton pull tab, stitching, and lining. Mirum is the most ethical and environmentally-friendly leather alternative available, so buyers can feel good about how they spend their money and where they carry it.

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