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Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Introduces The Slim Sleeve MIRUM Edition

The MIRUM material is 100% made from natural inputs, with no plastics or toxic chemicals involved.

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$ 99

Bellroy recently unveiled the Bellroy Slim Sleeve MIRUM Edition. While this beautiful wallet is reminiscent of the company’s original leather slim sleeve, this edition features an innovative plant-based leather alternative that boasts a premium look and feel. It has the same detailed stitching, and the Bellroy name is branded on the front the same as its predecessor. Bellroy developed the custom MIRUM leather alternative to be all-natural right down to the cotton lining and pull-tab, stitched with cotton thread. The company says plant-based MIRUM is the first leather alternative that harnesses nature creating radical possibilities. Bellroy prides itself on the fact that they select materials with functionality, durability, and environmental sustainability in mind.

The company uses fabrics made from recycled and plant-based materials to ensure the least environmental impact. MIRUM comes straight from nature combining natural rubber, biomass charcoal, and soybeans. Then Bellroy adds a backing of organic cotton. This sleek wallet has two quick-access slots for go-to debit and credit cards. Plus, there’s unique pull-tab storage that reduces bulk and provides easy access to additional cards. The Bellroy Slim Sleeve MIRUM is a limited first-run edition of 300 pieces.

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