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Bellroy Key Case

Meet Bellroy’s Compact Key Case

The case will hold a maximum of 5 keys capable of being inserted into the case itself.

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$ 55

The average adult is no stranger to a set of keys. What is far too familiar is the tendency to misplace said instruments. They are never quite where they should be, and that can pose quite the conundrum when you’re in a hurry. The solution is easy to find in the Bellroy Key Case, a dynamic little companion crafted of the smoothest and most supple eco-tanned leather imaginable. Add a touch of stainless steel hardware and you can be certain of its longevity based on the materials alone.

What is special about Bellroy’s Key Case is that it can hold between three and five keys, or three keys and a key tool. Take advantage of the nifty flipper function to eject your keys with a single hand—just another little way to simplify life when you’re on the move. Choose from five different colorways including Cobalt, Racing Green, Terracotta, Black, or Basalt. The Bellroy Key Case has a detachable cord loop that provides ample security, whether you hook it to a key fob or your car key. It is approximately the same size as your fob, too, and once you’ve sunk your claws into it you will find it is far easier to keep track of than the average set of keys.

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