Mell Broozer Helmet

Bell Releases The Versatile New Broozer Helmet

The helmet offers protection whether you’re on the back of a chopper or an avid trail rider.

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$ 230

Whether you’re a trail rider or a biker, you get the best of both worlds with the Bell Broozer Helmet. You can ride in whatever way suits your mood with the dual certification status. The chin bar comes off, and the shield comes down. The interior of the helmet is designed to be highly breathable with a dual-density lining to wick moisture away from your head. There are also custom air vents on the chin bar and the top of the helmet.

The Bell Broozer is easy on the neck, too, with a weight of just 1,350 grams. This gloss black helmet is sleek and modern with a smooth, aerodynamic style that ensures the air flows nicely over the body. With less drag and a lighter helmet, it may reduce the achiness in your neck and shoulders after a particularly long or fast ride. With a name like Bell, you know this helmet is top quality and durable.