Bell Moto-3 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Moto-3 Fasthouse Checkers Motorcycle Helmet

A fiberglass composite outer shell and anti-bacterial interior lining are at the core of the latest edition of the Bell Moto-3.

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$ 300

Bell is a name that has a special place in many people’s hearts. For countless parents, the helmet company is trusted to protect their children from the first time they pedal a bicycle to when they finally take off their training wheels. Now the company takes their renowned reputation to the moto-cross circuit with the Bell Moto-3 Fasthouse Checkers Motorcycle Helmet. The helmet’s design is based upon the original Bell Moto-3 which was first launched in the 1970s. This version takes that timeless look and modernizes it with new safety features to usher the helmet into a new era.

Fiberglass composite material is at the core of the revamped Moto-3. That outer shell is equipped with a snap visor to protect a rider’s field of vision from sunlight, debris, and precipitation. 8-slot vents also help regulate temperature by increasing airflow, but even then breaking a sweat is going to be inevitable. That’s why the interior of the helmet is fitted with an antibacterial interior made from either terry-cloth or micro-suede. The interior is entirely removable so sweat and mud can be washed away between rides. Approved by the USDOT, the helmet even meets the FMVSS 218 Safety Standard. From its vintage design to its modern safety features, the newest Bell Moto-3 renovates the classic for a new generation.