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Assouline's 'Morocco, Kingdom of Light'

Assouline’s ‘Morocco, Kingdom of Light’ – A Journey Through An Enchanting Country

A celebration of the culture, history, and splendor of Morocco.

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The luxury publishing company Assouline has produced a series of stunning large-format books exploring a broad variety of locations worldwide. Having covered places including Cairo, Jamaica, and the Greek Islands, they’ve now turned their attention to Morocco. Assouline’s Morocco, Kingdom of Light dives into the rich history and culture of the North African country with hundreds of gorgeous full-color illustrations and photographs over 312 pages. 

Featuring insightful commentary and observations in the introduction by Moroccan-born writer, actor, and musician Ariel Wizman, it’s a must-have volume for anyone interested in travel and culture.

Exploring Morocco’s architecture, wildlife, and the people who live there, Kingdom of Light presents exclusive images by photographer Oliver Pilcher in a format that takes the reader on a vibrant journey into the heart of the country. Sunlight-dappled photos of bustling Moroccan marketplaces sit alongside images of traditional buildings replete with stylish ornamentation.

There’s a strong human element running through Morocco, Kingdom of Light that brings together these stunning locations and contextualizes the people who live there. It’s a book that features colors that pop off the page, whether depicting the city illuminated at night or waves crashing against medieval sea walls. The result is a book that captures the essence of Morocco’s beauty and joyful spirit of adventure.

Bound in a high-quality silk hardcover and weighing in at 6.6 lbs., Assouline’s Morocco, Kingdom of Light marks a new high point in the publisher’s dedication to vivid travel books worth cherishing.

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