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AMASS Stay At Home Set

Settle In And Relish The AMASS Stay At Home Set

With a focus on clean botanic products, the AMASS Stay At Home Set offers the perfect sensory experience.

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$ 83

The AMASS Stay At Home Set takes the concept of a “staycation” to a whole new level. Who wants to spend time off at home cleaning gutters, decluttering the garage, or vacuuming refrigerator coils? No one, that’s who. The AMASS Stay At Home Set is for real people who know that self-care beats household chores every time. Men need their fair share of pampering, and the soothing, neutral earth tones color palette of this set is masculine enough to pull it off. This set makes a perfect gift, too. It is also ideal for hardworking moms and grandmothers (think Mother’s Day) who have spent their lives doing for others.

The set comes with a generous-sized, “The Art of Staying In” candle infused with notes of jasmine, lavender, and chamomile, mixed with the herbal scents of eucalyptus and grapefruit. Vetiver and Palo Santo essence mingle with Virginia cedarwood for an olfactory experience that is nothing less than sublime. All the fragrances are natural, borne from Mother Earth herself. The other half of this set is the Forest Bath Salts, comprised of a therapeutic combination of minerals from Epsom salts, Pacific Sea salt, and Pink Himalayan sea salts that have been infused with natural fragrances of fir, spruce, and cedar, along with musk, petrichor, and amber. All in all, the AMASS Stay At Home Set offers a relaxing sensory experience that anyone will appreciate.

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