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1000 Sneakers

‘1000 Sneakers’ by Mathieu Le Maux

Perfect for any sneaker aficionado, this book offers an encyclopedic look at 1,000 influential sneakers.

Sneaker culture has permeated to many parts of popular culture, becoming a worldwide phenomenon where sneakerheads from all paths of life clamor for the rarest and the latest. The culture has influenced other parts of our lifestyle as well, as we’re even starting to see gear dedicated to the sneakerhead lifestyle. We can all trace our love for sneakers back to one reason or another, but it’s mostly because each one has a story to tell, whether it’s the ‘Banned’ Air Jordan 1 or New Balance celebrating their 110th anniversary with a collection of sneakers.

1000 Sneakers by Mathieu Le Maux is an encyclopedic look into the world of sneakers, tracing the history of the world’s most popular and coveted footwear. Whether it’s classics like the Air Force 1s or Air Jordans that started it all to sneakers that were made famous because of their celebrity influences, the book covers it all in detail with 1,000 full-color images of the most influential sneakers to date.