WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard

WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard

Enjoy personalization and optimized functions with this open source keyboard.

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In our digital age, a keyboard is an essential component and gateway for our access to the information superhighway. You use your keyboard day and night, to accomplish a number of tasks, so why shouldn’t your keyboard be as smart as you are?

The WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard offers an adaptable and fully programmable device. Each key can be plugged in with your personal settings. The keycaps are made from hard wearing PVT engineered plastic with heat transferred dyed letter and symbol markings that won’t wear or fade. Its solid aluminum body is compact and streamlined enough to fit on any desk or workstation, while it still maintains its status as a functional piece of art. In a true commitment to digital egalitarianism, the WhiteFox features open source hardware for optimal usage.

The brand has also invented two new types of mechanical key switches as available choices for the keyboard. These are intended to reduce pre-loading effort when you initially touch a switch. The Halo True is a smooth, more touchy switch that increases in firmness the harder you press it. While the Halo Clear switch is based on the same Halo True architecture but with a spring weight.

The layout of the WhiteFox is the result of the design team at Input Club. It is based on the Keyboard Layout Language (KLL) that the club created to support full functionality across Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. With features like the N-Key Rollover which allows individual programming and custom layouts, you can type quicker and more accurately with custom macro options promoted by this innovative piece of kit.