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WEKNIFE Introduces Its New Nexusia Flipper Knife

An ideal companion for both everyday tasks and outdoor adventures.

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$ 378

There is an abundance of exceptional knives to choose from when heading into the wilderness for a long hike or venturing into the woods for a bushcrafting weekend. The latest addition to the range is the limited edition WEKNIFE Nexusia Flipper Knife. Boasting a 3.48-inch drop point blade, it features an all-titanium handle for top-tier durability and weather resistance.

With a blade finished with hand-polished satin, the WEKNIFE Nexusia Flipper Knife features a tiger-striped pattern finish on the handle with a smooth, ergonomic finger groove and guard. Its titanium construction continues through the backspace, pivot screws, and pivot cap, guaranteeing hard-wearing performance in all conditions. Safety is enhanced through the frame lock mechanism, while the wide crescent chambers located throughout the length of its main section further enhance its aesthetic appeal.

It’s a stunning addition to the growing range of knives from WEKNIFE, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of high-quality knives and tools. The company, which was founded in 2000, has established its reputation over the years by producing a series of fixed-blade and folding pocket knives renowned for their capitalization on the latest manufacturing technology.

With just 155 WEKNIFE Nexusia Flipper Knives in production, it’s likely to be a highly sought-after blade for dedicated outdoor activities and professionals who want a reliable portable blade for wood crafting. Those interested in purchasing the knife for $378 can be notified by email when it’s available by signing up on WEKNIFE’s website.

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