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Weekend Home at Maale by Studio Roots

Weekend Home At Maale By Studio Roots – A Stunning Getaway

Nestled amidst the captivating Sahyadri mountains, this remarkable retreat redefines the boundaries between the built environment and the great outdoors.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Sahyadri mountains in Male, India, the Weekend Home at Maale by Studio Roots is a testament to architectural innovation in hilly terrain. This 100-acre farmland offered a canvas for creating an extraordinary living space, where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are artfully blurred.

Choosing an acre of land strategically, with the Mulshi Dam backwaters in the foreground and a hill in the background, Studio Roots aimed to create an unconfined set of spaces that redefine the concept of courtyards. Unlike conventional structures where boundaries strictly define spaces, this design seamlessly integrates nature within the enclosure.

The exposed brick wall winds its way through the three primary independent built units: a pavilion, library, and bedroom. This continuous element invites residents to navigate within open spaces while revealing glimpses of the boundless surrounding landscape.

The heart of the design lies in the courtyard that binds together all these masses, offering dramatic vistas from each unit. Materials such as exposed R.C.C., steel and glass, basalt masonry, and free-standing exposed brick walls were carefully chosen to stay true to nature’s purity.

Structurally, the building boasts a beamless and column-free space, creating a sense of buoyancy and lightness. The ‘chevron pattern’ serves as a unifying element in key materials throughout the home.

The Weekend Home at Maale by Studio Roots is a striking example of disjunct built structures interspersed in nature, celebrating simplicity and blending seamlessly into the lush beauty of the Western Ghats. It offers an escape from the conventional, inviting residents to embrace the embrace of nature.

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