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Mission Workshop Bishop Power Wool Jacket

Mission Workshop Debuts The Bishop Power Wool Jacket

Combining the classic elegance of wool with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled warmth, comfort, and style.

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The San Francisco-based clothing designers and manufacturers at Mission Workshop have produced a long list of tough yet stylish gear since their inception in 2009. Drawing on the legacy of designers Doug Hudson and Mark Falvai, who established the cycling apparel company Chrome back in 1994, their clothing and apparel have loyal customers who value the combination of style and durability they bring to the table. Their latest release, the Mission Workshop Bishop Power Wool Jacket, exemplifies this desire to build gear that is as tough as it is beautiful.

Its aesthetically bold design brings together black and gray elements woven from soft yet durable Merino wool with a breathable four-way stretch for added comfort. A three-panel hood brings some extra protection from the elements, combined with hand warmer pockets with wind-resistant secure zippers.

For the interior, the Mission Workshop Bishop Power Wool Jacket continues the Merino wool theme and blends it with fleece to further optimize its ability to generate and retain warmth. Indeed, temperature regulation sits at the heart of the hooded jacket’s appeal. It’s hardy and reliable enough to be a worthwhile addition to any hikers or wild camper’s kit while retaining a street-friendly design for casual everyday wear.

The Bishop Power Wool Jacket is a welcome addition to the brand’s clothing range, designed with reinforced elements that make it ready for high-wear use in a wide range of situations.

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