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Copacabana Lounge Chair

The Copacabana Lounge Chair Gets A Thoughtful Update

The lounge chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Mathieu Matégot is regarded as one of the most notable French designers of the 1950s, combining elements such as rattan, metal, and glass in a series of striking chairs, tables, and other bespoke items of furniture. One of the most iconic examples of his inimitable style, the Copacabana Lounge Chair, is getting its second round of exposure, with a new release from the GUBI global design house.

GUBI, one of the leading creative forces of the twentieth century and winner of multiple industry awards, aims to preserve the singular vision of Mathieu Matégot, faithfully reproducing the classic chair in all its glory. At the same time, the new lounge chair includes a nod to contemporary design with a new colorway and refined approach to the overall ergonomics.

With a precision-engineered backrest angle adjustment that aims to reflect modern-day body types, it’s a supremely comfortable low-slung chair for a relaxing afternoon. As such, the chair has been made with interior and exterior use in mind and is firmly in keeping with Matégot’s furniture vision as exemplified by the Tropique Collection. Part Bohemian aesthetic, part alfresco lifestyle, it’s as suited for a lazy afternoon in the sun as it is in the living room.

Available in two color options, including International Orange and Black Semi Matte, the Copacabana Lounge Chair is as much a slice of furniture history as it is a statement of comfort and style, capturing the single expressive pencil stroke of Mathieu Matégot’s original design.

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