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Vollebak Sub Zero Cardigan

Vollebak Sub Zero Cardigan: Your Heavyweight Cold Weather Contender

A robust piece of clothing that performs like a puffer jacket in sub-zero conditions.

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$ 795

Vollebak has just released its Sub Zero Cardigan, a heavyweight cardigan that defies the norms and performs like a puffer jacket, even in sub-zero conditions. While the typical cardigan weighs a mere 500 grams, the Vollebak Sub Zero Cardigan is a heavyweight, tipping the scales at 1.3 kilograms, nearly as much as the brand’s robust Titan Puffer.

What sets this cardigan apart is its construction. It’s engineered from two potent natural insulators – lambswool and superfine alpaca wool – to keep you warm even when the mercury plunges below zero. To prove its mettle, it underwent rigorous testing in a cryo-chamber, ensuring it could handle extreme cold like a seasoned pro.

Tailored for a regular fit, the Sub Zero Cardigan boasts a thick shawl collar that can be raised and fastened like a built-in scarf. With five generously sized bio-resin buttons that are easy to handle even with freezing hands, along with ribbed cuffs and hems to lock in warmth at the wrists and waist, this cardigan is as practical as it is warm.

The materials used are a testament to sustainability and quality, with 50% superfine alpaca and 50% organic lambswool sourced from South America. Mulesing-free and undyed, it’s knitted in London with a twisted bouclé yarn for a unique bobbled finish.

If you’re seeking the ultimate blend of warmth, style, and sustainability, the Vollebak Sub Zero Cardigan is your perfect winter companion. It’s built to withstand the harshest of cold weather conditions, making it a heavyweight contender in the world of winter fashion. Available for $795, it’s an investment in both style and function.

The materials used are as impressive as the design itself – undyed and organic, sourced from South America, mulesing-free, and knitted in London. With its irregular, bobbled finish, chunky hip pockets, and impeccable construction, the Vollebak Sub Zero Cardigan is ready to redefine your expectations of cardigans. Get ready to face extreme cold with style and warmth for $795.

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