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Skyline Chess Luxury Bronze Editions

Skyline Chess Unveils Luxury Bronze Editions

These are extremely tactile chess sets and the felt bases lend a softness of touch and beautiful finish to each piece.

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A handcrafted chess set is one of the most popular and stylish additions to anyone’s home, combining beautiful aesthetics and perhaps the world’s most famous game. Skyline Chess has a long and illustrious background crafting bespoke chess sets for high-profile corporate clients, including NBC, Chanel, and British Telecom. The latest addition to their collection of chess sets is the Skyline Chess Luxury Bronze Editions, with a series of eight solid bronze, hand-cast sets inspired by the skylines of major international cities. New York, Dubai, London, Chicago, Doha, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo are each brought to life with vivid replicas of the city’s iconic landmarks and instantly recognizable skyscrapers.

From the One World Trade Center and Empire State Building in New York to Paris’s Eiffel Tower and the many unusual designs that line the streets of Dubai, each set is a designer’s love letter to architectural excellence. Each set comes with two choices for the design of the board, one with a marble hatch design and a second featuring a wood geometric print pattern.

Each piece has been hand-crafted, with a bronze finish and patination oil for the light and dark pieces, respectively, rounded off with a felt base for a tactile playing experience. Packaged in a luxury presentation box, the Skyline Chess Luxury Bronze Editions are a must for chess fans with a taste for luxury chess sets.

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