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U-Boat Worx NEMO

This Is The Lightest Manned Submersible Ever

The U-Boat Worx NEMO offers revolutionary design, personalized for individual use.

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$ 1,000,000

The German U-Boat was one of the most technologically advanced submarines of its time. If you really wanted one today you probably could track it down. It’s just that you’d need a few dozen people to pilot it, not to mention a bank account matching Bill Gates just to afford it. You probably don’t need a torpedo-enabled submarine either if all you want to do is explore the vast depths of the ocean. Instead, you want a more practical submersible vehicle made to navigate that endless expanse that offers stunning views of the new sights you discover along the way. The U-Boat Worx NEMO is the perfect vessel for that mission. This subversive vehicle is designed to let pilots take control of their own underwater journey. While commanding the NEMO you can travel as fast as 3 knots, taking it to depths of up to 330 feet.

NEMO is controlled using a MANTA controller, which would like right at home next to your PlayStation or Xbox. This provides pilots with an intuitive way to direct the 5,510 lb vessel for up to 8 hours. NEMO takes up less room than a pair of jet-skis at just 110 inches by 92 inches by 61 inches and even has enough room for a passenger and a pilot.