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Triple W D Free – Predict Your Poop Time

Three, two, one, poop. The renaissance of wearable devices has dawned upon us – Triple W, a Japanese startup based in San Francisco, is planning to release a wearable device called D Free, which will predict and notify the user when it’ll be time to take a dump.

That’s right, it’s a poop-predicting wearable.

Being marketed as a medical device for the elderly and people with disabilities, D Free will also be a heaven-sent gift for those with chronic gastrointestinal disorders. According to the promotional video, D Free is the size of a business card and will detect intestinal activity while worn over your belly. If it’s as accurate as it’s marketed to be, then you’d better hustle and find a bathroom before the clock ticks down to zero. Still in development, D Free is expected to be available for sale by the end of 2015.