Watch Thoroughly Revised

‘The Watch, Thoroughly Revised’ by Gene Stone & Stephen Pulvirent

A definitive, and ‘thoroughly revised' look into the current watch world.

Like a fine wine, some things are just better with age. Of course, other things are even better after a bit of revamping. Whether you are a fan of the original 2006 edition or are looking for new insights, The Watch, Thoroughly Revised by Gene Stone & Stephen Pulvirent exceeds all expectations. The 2018 edition shows author Gene Stone teaming up with HODINKEE’s Stephen Pulvirent for a dynamic approach to reviewing 430 watches.

Vintage or contemporary, avid collector or “just graduated from a Seiko beginner,” The Watch, Thoroughly Revised will guide you through the latest trends and insights into the current watch world.

From discussing new models to focusing on the nuances that make the traditional brands the go-to leaders, the new edition is simultaneously a turn pager and page stopper. After all, what is the point of reading about all of these fantastic watches if you don’t take a moment to thumb down your favorite pages for a wishlist of must have collector items?