Burton Mine77 Collection

Designed and specified by Jake Burton Carpenter himself, the Mine77 collection includes everything you need for a great day of snowboarding.

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“Snowboarding” may as well be Jake Burton Carpenter’s real middle name. Inspired and informed by the countless hours he has spent on the slopes, the winter sports icon co-invented the modern snowboard and founded the industry-leading Burton Snowboards in 1977.

Sidelined by the rare and deadly neurological disorder Guillain–Barré syndrome a few years back, Jake Burton Carpenter found a new creative outlet in Mine77. This line of goods includes only products that he designed and specified himself.

From the incredibly warm Fist Mitt and Craig Kelly Freebird Jacket to the Stepon Boot and EST Stepon Binding, the 17-piece Burton Mine77 Collection includes just about everything that you might need for a great day of snowboarding, Mine77 headgear includes the M3 Snap Back Under Goggle and the Over Helmet with Beanie, both of which were designed to recognize the fact that the vast majority of professional snowboarders prefer to wear their helmets over their goggles.