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The New Primal Original Turkey Jerky

Turkey jerky done right.

We are what we eat. This might be an old adage that has been around for ages, but it has more resonance these days when our food’s integrity is called into question more than ever before. Our ancestors never had to worry about labels like ‘certified organic’ or ‘non-GMO,’ as everything was in its natural state, when we weren’t tampering with our food out of greed.

The New Primal took on a mission to make high quality foods that didn’t have all the added junk that we are putting in our bodies these days, going back to how we are supposed to eat. Their Turkey Jerky is a great source of protein, made with careful consideration given to the ingredients. The free-range turkeys are raised in a natural environment with a strict vegetarian diet, resulting in a tasty 100% gluten-free turkey jerky that contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Made with a standard that puts a strict emphasis on quality only using the best ingredients, The New Primal Turkey Jerky (also available in sticks) should be a great high-protein snack for anyone trying to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.