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ThawThat! Frozen Food Thawing Plate

You no longer have to test your patience with frozen meat thanks to this thawing plate.

One of the most frustrating things in the kitchen is waiting for your meat to thaw. You may be faced with the desperate need to stuff your face with a mouthful of juicy steak, yet the stubborn piece of meat seems determined to maintain its frigid state. Out of desperation, you try using the defrost feature on your microwave oven, but that only leads to your precious steak turning into some half-cooked mush.

If you share this frustration and suffer from impatience as much as we do, ThawThat! Frozen Food Thawing Plate is the perfect solution to diminishing the time between getting your frozen steak out of the freezer to getting it onto your plate (and eventually into your belly). The embedded heat pipes and microfin structure promotes rapid heat exchange, allowing you to thaw your frozen ingredient 2.5 times faster. Not only that, it evenly thaws your ingredient, retaining its freshness. The best part is that it doesn’t require electricity or battery, making this a must have equipment in the kitchen for any impatient chef.