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Teva Arrowood Lux Mid Hiker

The comfort and functionality of running shoes meets your favorite hiking boots.

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There’s no denying that sneakers offer the most in terms of comfort and functionality, especially with the recent developments with new materials and technology embedded into modern sneakers. As these high-tech kicks spoil our feet, we’ve come to expect the same level of comfort and functionality from other shoes. It’s probably for this reason we’re not huge fans of hiking boots, as most of them still emphasize the heavy-duty side of things more than comfort.

The Teva Arrowood Lux Mid Hiker takes a completely different approach to their design, merging your favorite water-proof, heavy duty hiking boots with the comfort of lightweight running shoes. The resulting design is sleek and modern, and features the featherweight comfort of FloatLite technology, an ultralight and durable foam midsole to step up your game in style and function for your next adventure.