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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla introduces their next step in clean, renewable energy; the Tesla Solar Roof.

The backbone of Tesla’s success in bringing their electric vehicle to the masses is making technology approachable and relatable to regular people. Some may argue that their high-priced automobiles are anything but relatable to the average consumer, but it was the first vehicle of its kind to get wider recognition and acceptance as a truly viable alternative to vehicles running on fossil fuel. It was all about how the product was packaged into something that was easily understandable for people that also fit into their lifestyle.

The new Tesla Solar Roof does the same thing. Solar panels in their current state was unapproachable for many, not due to its cost or complexity, but because it didn’t fit into traditional ideas of how we understood what goes on our roof. The Solar Roof makes this much easier for homeowners and potential consumers to understand, and offers a simple and effective solution for turning sunlight into electricity. It’s just a roof. To make it even more appealing, they have gone to great lengths to assure that it looks like a normal roof from the street while also creating multiple styles to fit the design of your home. The energy harnessed from the sun charges the Tesla Powerwall 2, a battery pack that powers your home. What’s even better, combined with projected utility bill savings, the Solar Roof is projected to cost less than a traditional roof.