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Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel

This vessel allows you to infuse your very own spirits with ease.

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It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy alcohol for its taste. In all honesty, there is little to like about the pure taste of alcohol; it’s more about the infused flavors and aromas one can get from most spirits that get us hooked. Although most spirits have heir own unique flavor profiles, what if you wanted to create your very own with ingredients that you already enjoy?

The Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel allows you to transform ordinary alcohol into custom-crafted infused spirits. It’s been inspired by the design of the classic spirits bottle with the beautiful simplicity of Japanese tea pots. All you have to do to create your own infused liquor is place your ingredients into the stainless steel infusion filter, and add a base alcohol like whiskey, gin, vodka, or tequila. The amount of time it needs to spend on the infusion process is based on your preference, anywhere from a few hours to even weeks. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at infusing your own liquor, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign, and start enjoying custom infused and crafted cocktails of your choice.