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Teenage Engineering CM-15 Studio Quality Microphone

Experience Studio-Quality Sound On-the-Go With Teenage Engineering’s CM-15 Microphone

Offering professional studio quality sound in a compact package.

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$ 1,199

Swedish audio equipment manufacturer, Teenage Engineering, has announced the release of the CM-15 studio quality microphone set to launch this summer. The CM-15 is a tiny studio microphone that packs a punch with its large-diaphragm capsule and groundbreaking features.

The CM-15 is a versatile, ultra-portable microphone that comes with a built-in professional USB-C audio interface, preamp, and a 3.5 mm jack. The microphone also features a 48v phantom-powered mini XLR, making it an all-in-one microphone that can be used for a range of recording situations. What sets the CM-15 apart from other portable microphones is its large diaphragm capsule, which is typically only found in professional recording studios. This means that the microphone can capture exceptional detail and produce a clean, rich, transparent, and natural sound.

In terms of operation, the Teenage Engineering CM-15 is designed for “lean operation,” with a gain switch on the back that can be used for padding drums or other instruments. The microphone is battery-powered and comes with a built-in table stand, making it easy to set up wherever you like to record. The CM-15 comes with a textile mini-XLR to XLR and USB-C cables, a mic stand adapter, a protective pouch, and a user guide. It weighs only 132 grams and has dimensions of 90 mm x 65.5 mm x 19 mm, making it ultra-portable.

With a price tag of $1,199, the Teenage Engineering CM-15 may be more expensive than other portable microphones, but its unique combination of features and large-diaphragm capsule makes it a valuable investment for professional audio productions.

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