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Astell&Kern Unveils Its Powerful ACRO CA1000T All-In-One System

The mighty yet mini Astell&Kern Acro CA1000T wants to be a one-stop shop for your entire audio setup.

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$ 2,300

The renowned electronics company Astell&Kern has once again created the ultimate device for versatile audio playback with unparalleled sound quality. The Astell&Kern ACRO CA 1000T All-In-One System is a one-stop-shop for audiophiles, promising innovative new technology delivering genuine sound quality and optimal playback. With unlimited functionality, the new all-in-one device is perfect for the home or office.

Get high-quality sound just about anywhere with the new all-in-one device from Astell&Kern. The new system has multiple outputs, making it highly versatile. Users can change the input and output settings using the conveniently included touchscreen. Outputs include 3.5mm, 6.35mm unbalanced, 2.5mm, 4.4mm balanced, mini XLR, and RCA output ports. Inputs include 4.4mm, coaxial, optical, USB, or Bluetooth options.

Precision technology, like the ES9039 MPRO Dual-DAC, helps create incredible sound fidelity. Further, the system features the Triple Amp system offering a dual-vacuum tube creating new sound options. Unlike standard approaches to AMP Mode selection, the ACRO CA 1000T All-In-One System features a brand-new HYBRID AMP mode. This new feature is a first for digital audio players that helps enhance the overall sound quality of the existing TUBE AMP mode.

The Astell&Kern system holds an 11-hour charge with continuous playback. Fully charging the rechargeable battery takes just about 5 hours, with the option for a fast charge using 9V. The device is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS systems. The ACRO CA1000T All-In-One System is available worldwide to music lovers. The comprehensive system is priced at $2,300.

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