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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s most iconic character is finally coming to the App Store.

We’ve always thought that the iPhone was a great gaming device, but felt a bit empty as one of the most beloved characters in the video game industry was left behind. That will soon change as Apple has just announced that they will be bringing one of the most ionic characters in gaming to the App Store.

Super Mario Run is a new title exclusive to iOS, finally bringing Mario to the Apple ecosystem. The announcement was made by none other than the father of Mario, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto at the Apple event held in San Francisco today. It’s a simple and easy to play game that takes advantage of the iPhone’s design — you can play the game one-handed, while your holding on to the subway or eating a burger, as explained by Miyamoto. There’s also a battle mode called Toad Rally, where you can compete with your friends for the highest score while collecting Toads that you can use to customize your Mushroom Kingdom. Prices and availability of Super Mario Run will be available closer to its lunch date this holiday season.