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Stüssy x Beats Studio Pro Headphones

Stüssy And Beats Drop Stylish Studio Pro Headphones Collaboration

This partnership reimagines the classic Beats headphones with a touch of skateboarding inspiration.

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$ 350

Stüssy and Beats have joined forces to introduce the all-new Stüssy x Beats Studio Pro Headphones, a unique fusion of high-quality audio and skateboarding-inspired design. This collaboration infuses the classic Beats Studio Pro headphones with a retro ’90s aesthetic, drawing inspiration from personal electronics of that era. To achieve this distinctive look and sound experience, Stüssy and Beats have used materials like resin and fiberglass, commonly found in skateboard production.

The Stüssy x Beats Studio Pro Headphones are presented in an elegant black and cream colorway, offering not only style but also advanced features. These headphones come equipped with adaptive active noise cancellation, spatial audio capabilities, and an impressive battery life that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

This collaboration marks another exciting release for Beats, following previous partnerships with creatives like Mowalola and Skepta’s MAINS, as well as collaborations with prominent figures such as Emma Chamberlain and Alessia Russo. For Stüssy, it adds to their limited portfolio of non-fashion and non-footwear partnerships, building on their successful collaboration with Tekla earlier this year.

Scheduled for release on December 15 via Stüssy’s official channels, the Studio Pro Headphones are priced at $350, making them a must-have for audio enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience music in style with this exciting collaboration between two iconic brands.

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