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Axel Arigato & Transparent Sole Speaker

Sustainability Meets Sound: Axel Arigato & Transparent Sole Speaker Collaboration

This limited-edition speaker takes eco-conscious design to new heights.

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Axel Arigato, the renowned sneaker brand, has embarked on a creative journey towards sustainability by joining forces with Swedish sound device maker Transparent. The result? A limited run of the innovative Axel Arigato & Transparent Sole Speaker, featuring outer shells crafted from white rubber sole units that were originally surplus materials from the sneaker manufacturing process.

Per Brickstad, Transparent’s creative director, emphasizes that this collaboration was born from a shared passion for innovation and circularity. The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary – a truly unique loudspeaker that challenges conventional norms. The teams had to break free from traditional constraints and develop an entirely new production method to bring this speaker to life.

Max Svärdh, creative director at Axel Arigato, highlights how this project addresses the challenge of footwear waste without compromising on sound quality or the aesthetic appeal of the sound device brand. Both Axel Arigato and Transparent share a commitment to extending product lifecycles through creative upcycling techniques.

Each Axel Arigato Sole Speaker set includes a co-branded pair of gloves and a booklet that documents the design journey. To celebrate this innovative partnership, a hi-fi listening experience party is scheduled at Axel Arigato’s London store on December 6, underlining the brand’s deepening connection with music.

This collaboration demonstrates that creative solutions can indeed lead to sustainable and one-of-a-kind products, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of fashion and sound. With a price tag of $1985, the Axel Arigato & Transparent Sole Speaker invites you to embrace both style and sustainability in your audio experience.

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