‘Star Wars: Always’ Fan Trailer

Every ‘Star Wars’ film, masterfully edited into a single 5-minute trailer.

Although he is probably most widely recognized as one of the stars of the Fox sitcom That ‘70s Show, Topher Grace has developed serious sci-fi credentials through turns in movies such as Predators, Interstellar, and Spider-Man 3. But if you’re one of those people who consider a trip to Comic-Con something of a religious pilgrimage, you’re probably most reverent of Grace’s contributions as an editor. After all, he went a long way toward salvaging two of the most beloved franchises in all of nerd-dom when he recut both the Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy and the Star Wars prequels into single, tight, standalone movies.

Well now Grace is back with his partner Jeff Yorkes to unveil a new editing project that might sound impossible – a 5-minute trailer that reimagines EVERY Star Wars film as a single motion picture called Star Wars: Always. By intercutting footage that spans decades in reality and even longer in fiction, this trailer ties the Star Wars universe together unlike anything that has come before it.